Baltimore Floor Supply Why Unfinished?

Why Unfinished?

In the age of pre-fab, pre-finished flooring products, unfinished hardwood flooring is often a better choice.  Why?

Unfinished hardwood flooring offers a wide variety of species, grades and widths.  From rustic to contemporary, you’ll find the look you want.

Make it Yours
You choose the stain color, from light to dark or in between … you’re not limited to the choices someone else made.

The Right Finish
Just as you choose the color, you decide whether your new floor will have a matte, satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish.

No Bevel
Unfinished hardwood flooring has a smooth, seamless, flush appearance.  There’s no beveled edge between pieces to catch dirt and grime.

Fewer Seams
Most unfinished hardwood flooring is available in longer lengths than pre-finished or engineered flooring.  That means fewer seams and a cleaner appearance to your installation, especially in larger rooms.

Easier to Install
Ask your installer … unfinished flooring is easier to install, period.

A Smooth Transition
Sometimes you’ll see very attractive prices on pre-finished flooring … until you factor in the thresholds and transition strips you’ll need, which can cost a fortune.  With unfinished flooring, transitions and accessories are readily available and are much more affordable.  And because you’re choosing the stain and finish, you know they’ll match just right.

An Earlier Start
If you’re building a home or remodeling a kitchen, consider:  unfinished flooring is generally installed earlier in the construction process, which means less chance of damage to your expensive cabinetry (the floor goes in first) and the ability to accommodate future changes to the floor plan (because the flooring goes beneath the cabinets instead of stopping at the edge).

Less Dust Now
Sanding jobs are not as dusty as they used to be. Dust collection on today’s equipment has improved considerably. The use of dust containment systems on sanding equipment has become more commonplace. The ability to effectively isolate or “mask” off sanding areas from the remainder of the house has improved dramatically.

And, Well … Us
You can buy boxes of pre-fab flooring and hope for the best, or you can come to Baltimore Floor Supply and get personalized, one-on-one expert guidance so your floor turns out just the way you want.  Stop in, and let’s talk about your project.


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